Item List

Thalassemia Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention: Individual to Community

"Only One Earth" with focus on "Living Sustainably in Harmony with Nature"

Organized by CRD 7 Ecological Anthropology on World Environment Day 2022

1st Foundation Day Lecture - Indian Anthropology and Global Challenges

Anthropological Perspective in Policy Formulation: Impact and Implication

Anthropology Engaging with People: Challenges and Perspectives

Anthropology of Sub-altern and the Marginalised

Biological Anthropology in 21st Century

Celebration of World Health Day: Role of medical anthropology in accessible and sustainable health care

Changing Patterns of Family & Kinship in India

Organised by UIAF CRD2 Social - Cultural Anthropology on the occasion of "International Day of Family"

Children and Youth in the Changing World

Webinar Organized by CRD-11 Anthropology of Children and Childhood

Contemporary Crisis in Indian Anthropology and the Way Forward

Ethnographic Studies on Indian Diaspora