Going Back to the Nature

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Dr. Sunita Reddy Asso. Prof. JNU and Founder Chair, Anthropos India Foundation


Whenever my son watched zombie films, I used to ask him, “why do you watch such gory films, when it is not possible, humans eating and hunting other humans?”. He used to say, “when Americans are making such films and watching them, there must be some fear or anticipation” That the zombies, in films, are humans who lose sense and can hunt and kill anybody, are attacked by virus or some mutants, turning them into man-eaters…led me thinking, are the Americans zombie phobic or are they seeing the future? Have we reached the tipping point? Should we be prepared? If it spreads like wildfire, what can we do? Are we heading towards doomsday, can we reflect, introspect and correct our actions?