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Dr. Vijay Prakash Sharma

Social Anthropologist

Former Director, Institute for Human Development, Eastern Regional Centre, Ranchi

Dr. Vijay Prakash Sharma

Dr. Vijay Prakash Sharma is an eminent social Anthropologist and did his M.Sc. in 1975 and Ph.D. in 1984 from Ranchi University. Former Director, Institute for Human Development, Eastern Regional Centre, Ranchi; He served as -
• Adjunct faculty, NIRD&PR, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, Hyderabad;
• Senior and Lead Advisor for Government of India and Jharkhand appointed by USAID-India for implementation of India State Fiscal Reform Programme under Ministry of Finance , Government of India(2005-2011);
• Senior Social Scientist- MCR Project (DFID,GOI & LSHTM); RA,UGC Centre of Advanced Study In Anthropology; Lecturer in Anthropology, G. G. University and Ranchi University, India(1997-2002);
• 45 Years of teaching and Research expertise with Area of specialization: Anthropology (Social/Cultural/Urban/Medical); Human Relations (Sociology/Social Psychology), post graduate teaching, training, development, Organizational management.
• Research Guidance: Successfully guided and supervised two Research Scholars for Ph. D. degree from Ranchi University in 1996, Three MHA interns of Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai, 2000, two interns of IDM, University of Montreal, Canada, 2001.
• Area of Research: Rural Development, Globalization and Tribal, Ethno-medicine, Urban problems(solid waste management, Urban Health) Migration and Trafficking , Contemporary Indian Society, Social Problems(Poverty alleviation, untouchability, Ethnicity, Tribal Unrest, Naxalism) Art and Culture, and Leprosy, Social Life in English County, Hmar of Manipur, Pahadi Korwa of Chhattisgarh and Maternal and Child Health, Tribal Health, Nutrition, Social implications of Malaria, STD & HIV ,Tuberculosis, Ascetics of India, Tribal Studies, Health System Management, Research Methodology in Social Sciences; Project Management, Project Appraisal, Programme and Performance Budgeting, Socio-Economic Database etc
• Area of Field work: South –East England; North-East, North, Middle and Western India.
• Contributions to the Knowledge: with 16 books and 100+ research papers published in national and international journals and Encyclopaedia and presented in National and International seminars. Completed 22 major research projects sponsored by national and international agencies. Recipient of many national and International Awards and holds Einstenian Chair of Science of IBI, Cambridge (UK).

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