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Welcome to Join the UIAF 

We appreciate your interest to join the Forum and welcome you to become part of the United Indian Anthropology Forum (UIAF) with a unifying motto of 'Uniting Together To Explore And Build’ Anthropology in India.
We are continuing our journey to take the legacy of Anthropology forward, equip our human resources at hand, enrich our anthropological knowledge base, reinvent its relevance to the contemporary times, and to take Anthropology in India to new heights through our joint initiatives under the UIAF.

Membership Guidelines 

  • Your membership to the Forum, which is presently at a concessional rate of 50 per cent, starts from as low as Two Hundred and Fifty rupees (Rs 250/-) for budding anthropologists, one thousand rupees (Rs 1000/-) for the young anthropologists and One Thousand and Five Hundred rupees (Rs 1500/-) for the senior anthropologists, 

  • If you are a Veteran Anthropologist of 70 years and above, you are exempted from the Membership fee.

  • If you are a student aspirant in Anthropology, pursuing your first degree of qualification in Anthropology at whichever level, you could take up a provisional membership for up to two years, by remitting an amount of just 100 rupees (Rs 100/-) to become an Aspiring Anthropologist of the Forum, which could be renewed at the expiry of one’s provisional membership or you could become a full-fledged member in the respective category if you have earned a qualifying degree in Anthropology.

  • When you join the Forum, you automatically receive access to membership in one or more of our specialized sections, become a member of our Forum Community, become a Member of its Specialised Research Forums, avail yourself special privileges in the participation of the National and International events organized by the Forum, and also obtain access to the exclusive pages and sections of the Forum Website.

Find the right membership category and section(s) for you:

1. Life Members: The qualifying degree for the Life membership in the Forum is a PG or a higher degree in Anthropology. 

We have Four Categories of Members as given below along with their subscription fees. The Age is the ‘completed years’ as on 1 January 2022.
1. Senior – Veteran : 70 years or above
2. Senior                    : 50 years or above or a Professor even if below 50 years
3. Young                    : Between 30 and 49 years and those professionally employed even if less than 30 years
4. Budding                : Below 30 years and those not Professionally employed even if 30 years or above


2. Provisional Members: The students undergoing Graduation/Post Graduation/any other higher level degree in Anthropology (without PG qualification in Anthropology) could be enrolled as provisional members of the Forum for a period of not more than two years.


3. Overseas Associate (OA) Members: Professional Anthropologists from abroad, who are either the NRI Scholars or who have academic connectivity to India or who are interested in Indian anthropological Academia.

UIAF Membership Subscription Fee Details – A Ready Reckoner


             Categories                                                                         Subscription Fee (Valid Upto 31 March, 2023)
Senior Anthropologist - Veteran                                                                            Nil      
Senior Anthropologist                                                                                       Rs 1500  
Young Anthropologist                                                                                        Rs 1000  
Budding Anthropologist                                                                                    Rs 250    
Overseas Associate members (in USD)                                                           50 USD  
Provisional Membership Fee (Biennial - For Students)                                 Rs 100   

Note: The term of Life Membership/Associate Membership would be for ten years, at the end of which, they cease to be Members of the Forum unless they renew their membership. The Membership Fee will be revised from time to time.
The Current Membership fee will be doubled after 31 March 2022. 

Institutional Associate (IA) Members:

•    All societies/associations which are committed to the cause of Anthropology, and are willing to associate with the Forum may take the Institutional Associate Membership of the Forum. The President or Secretary of the Institutional Associate Members would be included as Ex-officio members of the Advisory Council of the Forum. A brief profile of such organisations and a link to their respective website would be included in the Website of the Forum.
•    Furthermore, the Life Members of these Associations will enjoy 40 per cent concession in the prescribed Membership Fee to enrol as a Life Member of the Forum, once the present membership Fee is reverted to its full amount.

•    The Institutional Associate Membership could be obtained just by writing to the Forum through its official Email, expressing your willingness for the same along with a brief profile of the Association for publishing it on the Forum Website, and your nomination of either the President or the Secretary of your Association for inclusion into the Advisory Council of the Forum.
into the Advisory Council of the Forum.

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