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Prof. Amrita Bagga

Biological Anthropologist

Emeritus & Former Chair
Department of Anthropology
University of Pune (SPPU),
Pune, Maharashtra

Prof.  Amrita Bagga

Prof. Amrita Bagga earned her M.Sc. from University of Delhi, and a Ph.D. from University of Pune she joining the same department as a lecturer retiring as Professor and Head. In 1992 she was invited (by IFUW) to Stanford University to speak on Women and Ageing, and conduct a workshop on Dimensions of Ageing in Women. In 1998 was awarded an Indo-Hungarian Exchange Fellowship (UGC). Same year she was selected and invited to Austria as a Fellow of Salzburg Seminars (Ageing). Later was invited by W.H.O to Kobe, Japan to present a Country Report on Women and Health in Old age. In 2001 she formulated and introduced a course on ‘Bio-Social Gerontology’ in the department of Anthropology, first in any Indian university. She was a Research Associate Fellow at Inter- University Center of Indian Institute of Advance Studies, Shimla (2005-2007). Post- retirement she was awarded an Emeritus fellowship (2008-9; UGC). In 2009 she was invited to Kunming (China) to organize and Chair a session on Feminization of Ageing and in 2010 to Melbourne (Australia) by International Federation on Ageing. She has published three original research based books, two on Ageing in women and next book soon to be published is titled Elderly Persons in Tribal Societies.

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