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Dr. Rajni Lamba

Ex Officio Vice President

Chairperson, Research and Engagement Standing Committee - RESC

Anthropologist & CEO
The Rural Environmental Enterprises Development Society [The REEDS]

Dr. Rajni Lamba

Dr. Rajni Lamba is Currently, the CEO of The Rural Environmental Enterprises Development Society [The REEDS]. She is working with marginalized groups and different communities at the grassroots level. Her research was among the Baiga in the Adivasi homeland of Madhya Pradesh. She worked in five districts of Madhya Pradesh under the Supervision of Professor Shalina Mehta of Panjab University. She served as Consultant with apex organizations like UNICEF, WHO, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNAIDS, OXFAM, NABARD, KVIC and various Government Departments. She is actively engaged in organizing training programmes among a wide range of trainees from indigenous populations to marginalized workers in enterprise development, to setting up microenterprises using the vehicle of microfinance. She has travelled widely in the country and abroad. An avid reader and having a passion for writing, she maintains a healthy outlook for studying newer locations and people. Her current pursuit is to help conserve, diversify and promote the indigenous traditional crafts, industries and livelihoods.

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