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Prof. Soibam J Singh

Ex Officio Vice President

President, Zonal Committee, North-East Zone

Professor of Physical Anthropology Manipur University, Canchipur

Prof. Soibam J Singh

Prof. Soibam Jibonkumar Singh is Professor of Physical Anthropology in Manipur University, and Director (i/c) of College Development Council, Manipur University. He was former Director, Centre for South East Asian Studies and former Director (i/c) for EMRC, Manipur University. He has published 57 scientific papers, authored 2 books; completed 4 major research projects and 3 projects are currently in progress. He was also the Sectional President of the Anthropological and Behavioural Science section of the Indian Science Congress during 2018-19. He is Life Member of a number of professional bodies namely ISCA, IAS, ISHE, IAA, INCAA, SIMA, ASM etc. He has a professional experience of 35 years since 1987. He has participated 65 national and international seminars and conferences, chaired several sessions and made many oral presentations as invited speaker and keynote speaker. He was honoured with Teaching and Research Career Achievement Award by the University of Delhi in the year 2018.

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