Evolution In Human-Computer Interaction

Dr. Suninder Kaur

Consultant Anthropologist


Keywords: Internet of things (IoT), Ecommerce, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Alexa, Siri, machine learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI). Linguistic Anthropology, Applied Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Digital Anthropology, Data Mining, Data Science, Data Analytics, eCommerce, Communication

Communication has been a powerful mechanism throughout evolutionary history in connecting people. The spoken word has influenced social life. The structure and use of language have helped in the development of human societies. People socialize at home, and at their workplace, at community centres, in parks, at religious institutions and so forth. Humans are social beings. They are not able to live alone, they must socialize. They want to live in groups, families, congregations, organizations, and communities. Another space where people socialize these days is twitch. Twitch is a social media platform and community for gamers. An ethnographic study of virtual communities is an upcoming field of research in Anthropology. As dependency on computers and the Internet of things (IoT) is increasing, with online school systems during the covid pandemic, when the world was on lockdown, platforms like zoom and youtube videos for classroom lectures became the norm.

Lifestyle changes and cultural adaptations of the same are the basic study area of anthropologists. Language is complex, and anthropologists study languages in the context of the cultures where languages were developed. Linguistic pra