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I am……….Anthropology

Poem by:

Professor Geetika Ranjan

Department of Anthropology

North-Eastern Hill University


I too came,

I too saw,

            I too conquered,

            but with concern and care

            for the multitudes out there.

            It’s been a long journey

            but one worth its toil


            I am Anthropology


            Called a colonial hand maiden in the bygone days

            I steadfastly steered my way

            from verandah Anthropology to a barefoot one

            I arose from the clouds like a bright, determined sun

            Attacks made me grow more

            Labels made me stronger

            For I know my assets and my essence

            to name a few - holism, comparison and relativism


            I have silently carved my own niche

            which others also now believe

            They take from me and call it their own

            Unfettered, undeterred, my skills- I continue to hone

            My love for the humans makes me see

            Their myriad ways, their sorrows and glees

            Their physical, social, archaeological realities

            Their unique language using abilities



            How can I stop when they persevere?

            To conquer new fields and areas?

            I have grown tall, I have grown big

            As I capture new areas, as I further dig

            In every foray where the humans engage

            Media, tourism, fashion, whatever they gauge

            From the realm of the real, to the world of the virtual

            My wings spread wider, as I go digital


            I diligently strive, I religiously endeavour,

            To study and serve the human better

            I have travelled a long way

            With zest and zeal

            Infused with the lofty goal

            to help and heal



            I hear them say,

            ‘My people, my language, my culture, my region’

            They are willing to die

            To uphold the ‘my

            I also respect the ‘my’ and fight for it too

            And yet strive for a higher self that embraces and upholds

            The strength of we

            Beyond the confines of ‘I’ and ‘me’.

            Beyond the tongue and the colour of the skin

            It is the heart that beats for shared humanity to win

            And then we can live and live with a smile

            Holding hands and walking mile after mile.




The poem was part of the Inaugural Ceremony of the World Anthropology Congress - 2023, held at KISS, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

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