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The United Indian Anthropology Forum (UIAF), is the dynamic, interactive platform for Anthropologists working and practicing in India. It includes budding, young and veteran, senior anthropologists who are representative of different areas of specializations. The forte of this forum is the integrated perspective of views and ideas. 

UIAF has been envisaged as an online Community that has come together for an enriching exchange of views and consolidation of knowledge. The UIAF platform encourages debates and discussions on the emerging faces of  knowledge and simultaneously it is the  training ground for the reinforcement of anthropological study content and theoretical as well as practical context. Above all the UIAF is an attempt to accomplish its disciplinary commitment to its mission to revitalise Anthropology at the niche level across India.

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About us

The Forum is intended to provide a unique platform for exchange of views and ideas among anthropological fraternity, mainly through virtual mode, and to serve as a platform in the creation and dissemination of anthropological knowledge, popularise and promote the discipline of anthropology at the institutional level, expand the application domains of anthropology with an inclusive and participatory approach, enhance the career prospects, and establish the identity of anthropology on firm grounds.

Blogs/Short Articles/Commentaries

The Forum is further committed to contributing under the umbrella of anthropology, enhancing human capital towards nation-building and universal brotherhood, and engaging in advocacy towards creating a sustainable and just human society.

Opinions expressed in these columns are of the authors. UIAF is not responsible for it.

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